The attorneys at Loftis & Barnard have years of experience representing clients in personal liability and dangerous products cases in the Oklahoma City Metro. Whether there was a motor vehicle defect, unsafe toy or asbestos product, Loftis & Barnard in Norman can help with your products liability case.

Product liability addresses the responsibility of manufacturers and retailers for the safety of the products they manufacture and sell to the public. If an individual suffers an injury due to dangerous, unsafe, or defective products the manufacturer or retailer can be held liable. These claims hold a manufacturer or supplier responsible for injuries caused by a defective or dangerous products regardless of fault or intent.

Products liability includes but is not limited to:

  • Tread separation in tires leading to an SUV rollover
  • A failed safety cut-off switch on a machine
  • Machinery that explodes or electrocutes
  • Ladders that collapse
  • Unsafe toys
  • Motor vehicle defects
  • Machinery and equipment defects
  • Defective home products
  • Adverse drug reactions